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Technical Limit Drilling and Completion Performance Consultant

We are a small consultancy company based in the North East of Scotland supplying a vast amount of expertise to the oil and gas industry in the areas of Drilling and Completion Performance Improvement

ANH (Scotland) Ltd has extensive experience in domestic and international offshore drilling and completion operations, performance coaching, and logistics management. Experience includes technical limit process implementation, deep water drilling and completion projects, scheduling, project management, budgetary analysis, and risk management.

ANH (Scotland) Ltd provide a dedicated resource for implementing performance improvement in the offshore environment with over 19 years “coal face” experience in Performance Coaching

Performance improvement is similar to, and works hand in had with safety, i.e. it is a way-of-working & a choice everyone makes. Safety relies on everyone knowing and understanding safe working practices. Performance relies on everyone understanding the objectives ahead and therefore encourage people to generate forward plans and think about how they can safely and efficiently complete a task first time.

The best-proven method for implementing performance improvement to a sustainable level is when a dedicated resource is allocated, offshore “The Performance Coach”, whose task is to solely concentrate on performance.


  Drilling Performance Consultant  

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